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ReMwall – Redefining walling and boundary solutions.

ReMwall is an inverted “T” free standing precast concrete wall, also manufactured with an optional curved “anti-climb” head at the top, making it as difficult as possible for criminals to try to climb over.

ReMwall is not at all the same as ‘precast walls’ that are seen around houses, with thin horizontal panels and columns. ReMwall is a solid concrete wall element with high strengths, making attempts at breaking through it far more difficult.


Height Base Width Mass
2500 1200 ±1200
3000 1200 ±1500
3500 1200 ±1770
4000 1200 ±2060


Anti-Climb/Dust Resistant

Height Base Width Mass
2760 1200 ±1435
3260 970 ±1735
3760 1200 ±2000
4260 1400 ±2300
4760 1650 ±2660


ReMwall – Benefits

The following benefits can be attributed to the ReMwall:-


  • Manufactured to heights of up to 4.25m (with the anti-climb curved head)
  • Concrete strength in excess of 40 MPa with steel reinforcing.
  • It can serve as a permanent wall barrier, or a temporary one.
  • It is a free standing and also a movable concrete element
  • It is a high security barrier wall system.
  • By movable, we mean that it can be transported, offloaded and placed by crane trucks, cranes or forklifts, and relocated if necessary.
  • The configuration of the boundary shape can be changed as required.
  • Therefore, it can be used on leased land, or if there is land expropriation they can be moved elsewhere, as circumstances change.
  • It is an asset that you will always own, unlike permanent brick and mortar walls that must be left behind, the ReMwall can be removed by being loaded onto trucks or tractor trailers, and taken elsewhere.
  • Corner elements are manufactured to enclose and secure properties.
  • They can also be used as retaining walls to backfill against, our intellectual property protected cast in geosynthetic grids reinforce the fill.

ReMwall is a ReMaCon Products CC trademark manufactured for the weather conditions in South Africa and durable enough to withstand almost any conditions.

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